Showing & Fitting Clinic

IDGA offers a Showing & Fitting Clinic.  Free and open to all.

Please RSVP to Judi Nayeri at 515-250-4836

Potluck lunch

Saturday, May 8, 2021

9AM to about 3PM

Hosted at Ma’s Acres in central Iowa:

9398 NE 100th Ave

Bondurant, IA 50035

Questions?  Call Judi Nayeri at 515-250-4836.

6 thoughts on “Showing & Fitting Clinic”

  1. If my son would like to come to this class does he need to bring his own goat or what does he need to bring we are new to the showing dairy goats

    1. No need to bring anything except perhaps something to share at lunch! The Ma’s Acres herd will be supplying goats to show, so everyone who wants to practice showing will have a goat for them. Parents often find this clinic really informative too, and useful for later as they help their 4-Her prepare for shows. Hope you can make it!

  2. Do we need to give a heads up that we are attending? If so, what is the deadline for that?

    1. Yes, please contact Judi at 515-250-4836 before May 5 and let her know how many would be attending.

    1. I’m sorry Becky, it’s pretty much an annual event at this point, so the next one will be May 2019!

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