How to Donate to Share-A-Kid

Donor Information

Every year IDGA seeks donations from IDGA member herds of a doeling for the Share-A-Kid Program. Donors receive a year of free membership and listing on the Breeder’s List. Doelings of any dairy goat breed are awarded, and they need not be purebred, but they do need to be registerable with the proper paperwork for the winner to register their doeling. Share-A-Kid applicants are allowed to request 2 choices of breed so IDGA can make appropriate matches.

You have the option to serve as mentor for your Share-A-Kid winner. Mentoring would involve receiving monthly health updates and advising appropriate action, in addition to general husbandry or showing advice as needed. If you prefer not to serve as a mentor, we will locate another nearby IDGA member to fill this role.

Winners are selected in late March by a committee of IDGA directors, officers, and members. To allow for smooth registration in county fairs and other shows, as well as adequate bonding time between the youth and their doeling, we request that doelings are ready to go home by mid-May.

To take a peek at more info about the Share-A-Kid program and to see the youth application form, visit the Share-A-Kid Page.

If you are interested in being a Share-A-Kid donor, please fill out the information below. Filling out this form is not a firm commitment for donation – we understand that kidding can bring unpredicted surprises! Thank you so much for supporting the IDGA Share-A-Kid Program.

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