2017 IDGA Share-A-Kid

Winners & Donors

2017 Share-A-Kid winner Kenzie Britten with her nubian doeling from J&J Livestock

James & Jamie McDaniel of J&J Livestock have donated a Nubian doeling to Kenzie Britten, age 14, of Union County.

2017 IDGA Share-A-Kid Winner Brice Jones with nigerian dwarf doeling from Lucky Star Farm

Former Share-A-Kid winner Natalie Young and Susan Kasal Young of Lucky Star Farm have donated a Nigerian Dwarf doeling to Brice Jones, age 12, of Dallas County.

2017 Share-A-Kid Winner Tiffany Wing and donor Jasper Farm Nubians

Guinevere & Eric McIntyre of Jasper Farm Nubians have donated a Nubian doeling to Tiffany Wing, age 15, of Polk County.

IDGA Share A Kid winner Alex with donor Ann Alecock Two Dogs Farms

Ann Alecock of Two Dogs Farms has donated a Nigerian Dwarf doeling to Alexandria Klein, age 13, of Carroll County.

2017 Share-A-Kid winner Christa Gronewold with donor Judi Nayeri of Ma's Acres

Judi Nayeri of Ma’s Acres has donated an Alpine doeling to Christa Gronewold, age 10, of Monroe County.