2015 IDGA Share-A-Kid

Winners & Donors

2015 IDGA Share-A-Kid winner Jocelyn Amos with donors Jayne and Phred Linn of Linn Farms

Phred and Jayne Linn of Linn Farms have donated a Nubian doeling to Jocelyn Amos

2015 IDGA Share-A-Kid winner Alyssa Brockob and donors Dale & Marilyn Stertz of Nubilop

Dale and Marilrn Stertz of Nubilop Acres have donated a Nubian doeling to Alyssa Brockob

2015 IDGA Share-A-Kid winner Justin Bernard with donor Tina Manning of Azorean Dairy Goats

Tina Manning of Manning Farm has donated an Alpine doeling to Justin Bernard

2015 Share-A-Kid winner Hanna Bedwell (donor Pat Blank of Black Eagle Nigerians)

Pat Blank of Black Eagle Nigerians has donated a Nigerian dwarf doeling to Hanna Bedwell

2015 Share-A-Kid winner Jack Lauer with donor Linda Grabau of G.L.C. goats

Linda Grabau of G.L.C. farm has donated a Nubian doeling to Jack Lauer

2015 IDGA Share-A-Kid Winner Garrett Gorczynski and donor Pam Clapp of Stargazer Goats

Pam Clapp of Stargazer Goats has donated a Nigerian dwarf doeling to Garrett Gorczynski


Judi Nayeri of Ma's Acres has donated an Alpine doeling to Amelia Phillips

2015 IDGA Share-A-Kid Winner Ellie Karr (donor, Virden Creek Saanens)

John and Ginna Walker of Virden Creek Saanens have donated a Saanen doeling to Ellie Karr

natalie young with daisy

Rod and Jan Van Wyk of Van Wyk Acres have donated an Alpine doeling to Natalie Young

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