USDA-APHIS Scrapie Laws

Please note that goats registered through many approved breed registries do NOT need to have a scrapies tag! If your county fair is requiring tags, please make this policy available to them:

New Scrapie rule takes effect 4/24/19

Changes in Scrapie ID requirements and recordkeeping for goats and sheep

USDA- APHIS proposed a new rule regarding Scrapie and it was published in the Federal Register on 3/25/19 and it will go into effect on 4/24/19. The new rule was first proposed in 2015 by USDA-APHIS and the American Goat Federation has been providing information on the new rule for several years.

There are some changes that affect goat and sheep producers and those people and businesses that handle goats and sheep. Here is a brief, general description of the changes affecting these entities:

  1. Goat ID requirements are now the same as sheep. Sheep ID remains the same as previously but now all sexually intact goats of any age and goat wethers 18 months of age and older are required to have Scrapie ID (except goats and sheep under 18 months going directly to slaughter or to slaughter channels) when they enter interstate commerce. USDA-APHIS has defined interstate commerce so that most goats and sheep are in interstate commerce when they leave their farm
  2. Goats and sheep that require Scrapie ID at a market or at slaughter are required to have a Scrapie tag in them.
  3. Goat owners can generally use USDA approved tattoos for Scrapie ID unless they are moving the goats to a livestock market or to slaughter. To get your tattoo approved by USDA, call 1-866-USDA-TAG (1-866-873-2824).
  4. Owner- Hauler Statements are required for goats and sheep:
    1. An owner will need to fill out an Owner-Hauler Statement when they send any sheep or goats requiring Scrapie ID that do not have Scrapie tags in them to a livestock market. The market will need to keep the Owner-Hauler Statement and may act as the owner’s agent and apply Scrapie tags to the unidentified animals.
    2. When an owner, livestock dealer, sheep dealer, etc. move sheep or goats to slaughter or through slaughter channels, an Owner-Hauler Statement will need to be filled out.

If goat or sheep producers do not have a Scrapie flock ID, they will need to get one. Producers can call 1-866-USDA-TAG (1-866-873-2824) to get a Flock ID and see if they are eligible to

receive Free Scrapie tags.

If producers or others have questions about the new rule or need a copy of the Owner-Hauler statement, they can email Dr. Greg Schmitt at [email protected] or call at 515-669-5633 .

For more information on the new Scrapie rule check out the American Goat Federation website at:

or the National Scrapie Eradication Program website at