Iowa Department of Agriculture & Land Stewardship

DAIRY PRODUCTS CONTROL BUREAU Office 515/281-3545 Fax 515/281-8888

Added here by IDGA:  It is recommended always to get in touch with the Dairy Products Control Bureau.  They can come visit your site and inform you as to what guidelines are most pertinent for your operation.

NOTICE: Prior to remodeling or new construction, blue prints or drawings must be reviewed and approved by the state dairy inspector. The dairy inspector will give approval to begin construction. The dairy inspector must be kept informed during construction of any changes in the plans.

In the Milkroom:

___Can only be used for milkroom purposes.

___Impervious floor, graded to a trapped drain

___Floor cracks no larger than hairline

___Floor drain not under bulk tank valve and readily accessible for cleaning

___Wall/floor and wall/ceiling juncture tight

___Walls and ceiling tight, smooth, washable and light colored

___Piping and electric lines going through the wall are sealed

___Doors tight and self closing

___Outside door swings outward

___Windows tight

___If window screens are used; windows must be available for use when necessary

___Hoseport for loading bulk milk trucks

___Milk truck approach not through a livestock holding area

___Milk truck approach is smooth and graveled or paved

___Outside hoseport slab of adequate size to protect the milk hose

___Tight louvers on fans, (if fans are needed) blowing outward

___If compressor is in wall opening it must be filtered

___Adequate lighting for cleaning and inspection

___Double stainless steel wash vat or two wash vats

___If lighting is over the wash vat/s, the lighting must be protected

___Hand-washing sink installed with hot and cold mixer faucet

___Hand-washing installed properly so that it will not splash into wash vat/s

___Soap and single service towels available near hand-wash sink

___ If there is a gas water heater it shall be vented to the outside

___Milk filters are stored in a dust tight container

Milking parlor or barn:

___Proper ventilation

___Tight wall between swine, fowl or horses

___Tight feed storage area

___Feed in feed carts must be covered

___Feed mangers must of impervious material

___Adequate lighting available

___Ceiling and walls tight, washable and of a light color

___Concrete floors

___Separate stalls, pens or stanchions for calves and bulls

___Wood construction in front of cows must be far enough away so cows cannot lick

___If pipeline is used, must be properly sloped

___No continuous welded pipelines

___Cattle drinkers non-siphoning or protected by non-siphoning device

Cowyard and housing:

___Cowyard must be graded to drain

___Cowyard must not drain into the milk truck approach

___Manure storage not accessible to the cows

___Cattle drinkers, non-siphoning or protected non-siphon device